Rain Water Harvesting Filter

Rain water harvesting filter


Rainwater harvesting system in India

Welcome to the future of rainwater harvesting with Plasto’s innovative Rain Water Harvesting Filter! Our cutting-edge filter system is designed to provide you with a sustainable and hassle-free solution for collecting and storing rainwater. With features like corrosion resistance, fire resistance, durability, automatic flushing, self-cleaning, a gravity-based mechanism, and zero maintenance, our rainwater harvesting filter is the ideal choice for conserving water in a smart and efficient way.

Key Features:

Corrosion Resistant: Plasto’s Rain Water Harvesting Filter is built to withstand the test of time. Our advanced materials ensure that your filter stays rust-free, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Fire Resistant: Safety is a top priority, and our filter’s fire-resistant properties give you peace of mind, knowing that your rainwater harvesting system won’t pose a fire hazard.

Highly Durable: Our filters are built to last. They are engineered to handle heavy rainfall and demanding environments, making them a long-term investment in sustainable water management.

Auto Flush: Say goodbye to manual maintenance! The automatic flushing system clears debris and contaminants from the filter, ensuring a consistent flow of clean rainwater into your storage tank.

Self Cleaning: Plasto’s innovative self-cleaning technology eliminates the need for manual cleaning, saving you time and effort. You can rely on our filter to maintain its efficiency with minimal intervention.

Gravity-Based Mechanism: Our filter operates on a gravity-based mechanism, making it energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It requires no electricity or additional power source, reducing your carbon footprint.

Maintenance-Free: Enjoy the benefits of rainwater harvesting without the headache of regular maintenance. Plasto’s filter is virtually maintenance-free, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Three Convenient Sizes: Choose the size that best suits your rainwater harvesting needs:

  • 75mm: A compact option for urban homes and smaller spaces.
  • 90mm: Perfect for medium-sized residential properties and small businesses.
  • 110mm: Ideal for large residential properties and commercial applications.

Product Dimensions

Size 75mm 90mm 110mm
Inch 2-5" 3" 4"