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Plasto Long Bend

Long bend is a type of pipe fitting used in a variety of industrial applications. They are designed to facilitate changes in the direction 

Plasto Geyser Safety Pipe

Find out why geysers burst and how Plasto Geyser Safety Pipe can prevent geyser bursts and protect your home from damage


When it comes to electric pipes, Plasto is the best PVC Electrical Conduit Pipes in India. They are made to give best protection to your electrical cables

Plasto Bio Septic Tank

Bio septic tanks are gaining the attention of the people because of their eco-friendly nature and compact design…

How To Increase Water Pressure At Home

The most common issue of Indian plumbing is less water pressure. Less water pressure at home can become really frustrating at  the…

Water Storage Tanks-Alternative Uses And Benefits

Water Storage Tanks-Alternative Uses And Benefits A water tank is something that you might have seen in every household in India…

Plasto Gold Easy Clean 6 Layer Water Storage Tanks!​

The Future Of Water Tanks: Plasto Gold Easy Clean 6 LayerWater Storage Tanks! Water storage tanks are the…

5 Things you must know about HDPE pipes

5 Things you must know about HDPE pipes High density-polythene pipe also known as HDPE pipe got into…

Sprinkler System In Irrigation

Sprinkler System In Irrigation What is the Sprinkler Irrigation System? A sprinkler irrigation system uses a…

Best Plumbing Tips

Best Plumbing Tips – Every Plumber And Home Owner Should Know Introduction Owning a home is…

CPVC Pipes And Fittings

CPVC Pipes And Fittings – A New Generation Piping System To have clean and safe drinking water, it is…