Water Storage Tanks-Alternative Uses And Benefits

Water Storage Tanks-Alternative Uses And Benefits | R C Plasto

Water Storage Tanks-Alternative Uses And Benefits

A water tank is something that you might have seen in every household in India. It is the primary source of water supply for every Indian household. These water tanks are mainly used to store water which is why it got its name “Water storage tank”. But that’s not it. Water tank manufacturing companies like Plasto have introduced superior water storage tanks made with polyethylene. Tanks made from Polyethylene have become a huge buzz in the market because of their quality to hold various liquids. Back in the old days, people used to walk miles to get water from the well. But the same can’t be said for today’s time when people have switched to plastic water tanks.

How To Choose Between Cemented Tank and Polyethylene Tank

Why choose a Plasto polyethylene tank over a cemented or metal tank?

Plasto water tank doesn’t corrode or degrade easily and doesn’t rust. Water tanks made from metal get rusted which causes water contamination. This can impact the health of the whole family. When we dive into the cost part, metal tanks and cement tanks are way more expensive than plastic tanks. Plasto tanks are lightweight and inexpensive and can be transported easily. The installation process of water tanks made from cement and metal is very complex whereas installing a plasto water tank is easy. Metal tanks are welded together which can cause leakage in the future whereas plasto water tanks are made from blow moulding technology making the shape seamless and reducing the chances of leakage for years. Plasto water storage tanks come in various sizes and have 6 layers which give utmost protection from the UV rays.

A plastic water tank is a tank at the end of the day. What goes inside the water tank depends on you. A water tank doesn’t need to hold just water to serve a purpose. Water tanks can be used for several purposes. Some are mentioned below:

Widely used for Water Storage

By far in India, the sole purpose of a water tank is storing water. In some regions, people use these tanks for storing rainwater that can be used for irrigation in future. Rainwater is easily available and free from chlorine and chemicals. Plasto water storage tanks are made from food-grade material which means the water inside the tank is safe for drinking.

Cope Chemical Storage

Plastic water tanks are ideal for manufacturing and industrial settings where chemicals are stored inside the tanks. The chemical holding property of a water tank doesn’t mean every kind of chemical can be stored in it. One should overlook various factors such as the fittings used in the system should also be capable of handling the liquids, and the plastic should be dense enough to handle the chemicals. The anti-rusting property of plastic water tanks doesn’t allow them to degrade from the chemicals. Plastic water tanks can store chemicals such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and hydrochloric acid but it is always recommended to consult with a chemical manufacturer before storing the acidic liquids inside the tanks.

Efficient in Fuel Storage

Water tanks made of polyethylene can store almost any kind of fuel. Fuel such as gasoline, butane, crude oil, ethanol, and natural gas are being stored inside the water tanks. Plastic pipes are durable and non-corrosive making them compatible with almost any fuel to be stored. But before storing any kind of fuel, one should test whether the fuel will be compatible with the grade of plastic or not.

Used in Agriculture

These plastic made water tanks are used in agriculture more often. Farmers rely on rainwater for their crops to grow. Many times the rainwater collected in these water tanks can be used at the time of emergencies to cater the urgent water needs. Plasto water tanks come in various sizes giving the farmers more options to choose from. Many farmers use Plasto easy clean tanks for storing slurry in it. The slurry is a mixture of manure, animal waste, and water and it is used as a natural fertilizer by the farmers. Plasto water tanks are used for storing animal manure which is required for farming. Many store fertilizers in these tanks. Plasto tanks can be used for the purposes such as soil remediation, fertilizer storage, chemical mixing, and irrigation purposes.

Agriculture Water Tank

Oil storage

Just like fuels and chemicals, Oils can be stored in tanks made from polyethylene. Oils such as vegetable oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, used frying oil, olive oil canola oil or any food-related oil can be easily stored in these plastic tanks. Even the fats that remain after cooking are being stored by the people. The oils & fats can’t easily be flushed away through sinks. They need to be disposed of or recycled. Thus tanks such as Plasto easy-clean tank have caught the eyes of restaurant owners where the tank is used to store fats and oils. Because of their low height, these tanks can be easily cleaned and this innovation is becoming a buzz in the market.

Plasto Water Storage Tanks:

Plasto is known for its superior quality products. Plasto water tanks come with a huge variety and have a huge range. Plasto water tank is a 6 layer tank making it durable and long-lasting. Plasto water tanks come in various sizes which will help you to store oils, chemicals, fuels, food and yes… Water. Keeping your water safe is what Plasto gives priority to. That’s why the tanks are made from food-grade material which makes the water inside the tank safe for drinking. Plasto water tanks come with a 10-years guarantee giving the customers the best choice.

Not just water tanks but the fittings of superior quality that will make your system perform longer. Whatever you require, you name it & we got it for you.

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