Plasto Gold Easy Clean 6 Layer Water Storage Tanks!​

Easy Clean Tank

The Future Of Water Tanks: Plasto Gold Easy Clean 6 Layer
Water Storage Tanks!

Water storage tanks are the most important but certainly the most unrecognizable part of our household. If we ask, How regularly do you check your water storage tanks? How many times will it be? Being the only source from where water reaches different parts of the house, Water tanks can impact the health of each member of the family. Will cover the health part as we go through the blog and understand how companies are taking steps towards the betterment of the people’s health.

Something isn’t fine with the current water distribution system!
Water storage tanks are the primary source for water supply for every household. Water storage tanks act as a convenient choice for the water storage because of its less surface area accommodation as well as the economic prices. The increased construction and increased farming activities across the nation has increased the water tanks requirements. These water tanks come in various sizes. Starting from 100L, it can go up-to 10,000L.

The leading area of concern lies in the height of these vertical tanks. There are many different ways in which these vertical tanks are placed in India. In some cases the tanks are even placed where it becomes extremely difficult for anyone to reach the tank. This seems to be a very minor point of concern but when we look at the broader picture, we tend to find really eye opening insights!

  • Difficulty to install: It is a process of intensive hard work for the plumbers as they need to get inside of the tanks for the installation. Less area causes extreme fatigue and hypertension.
  • Difficult to View: It’s extremely difficult for a man/woman of average height to view the surface of the tank. It is a whole another exercise to reach the top and view the water inside.
  • Difficult to clean: Being a common man, you require a plumber to help you out in the cleaning process of a tank. Which is an additional cost for you. Second, the water needs to be taken out and the person needs to get inside the tank to clean it. This consumes a lot of time, energy and definitely the money.

It is a common perception of every human that they tend to clean anything filthy if it is in front of their eyes. For example if you find your utensils uncleaned- You will get an urge to clean it or if you see your clothes dirty, you immediately wash them. This is because people can’t withstand something left uncleaned. But most of the time the water tanks kept on the terrace is left unnoticed and thus the water gets contaminated. This contaminated water can cause fever, stomach ache, low energy, cholera & even vomiting.

How companies are driving innovation through technology advancement
By keeping health as priority and thinking about how innovation can impact the lives of the people, Companies like R C Plasto have come up with an innovative solution that revolutionized the water tank industry. Plasto has introduced a new design tank which is of low height named “Easy Clean Tank”. A tank which is easy to clean. This water tank has the same storage capacity starting from 500L to 1000L. Plasto is the first Indian company to bring this innovative design with a tank of low height. This Plasto easy clean tank comes in 6 layers and is made of food graded material which makes the water inside safe for drinking.

How Plasto Easy Clean Tank changed the way people look at water tanks:

  • It’s easy to clean feature: The height of Plasto easy clean tank is low which makes it very easy for anyone in the family to clean the tank by themselves. There is no requirement for any plumber or cleaner which saves the cost of cleaning the water tank.
  • The water inside can easily be viewed: The major problem where people found it difficult to see the inside of the tank was solved. As the height of this tank is very low, the water can easily be seen. As people can easily view the water inside they get regularly reminded whenever the water gets contaminated.
  • Easy to Install: The plumbers now don’t require getting inside the water tank, but they can very easily install the tank from the outside. It saves a lot of time and energy of the plumbers as well.
  • Durable: Plasto easy clean tank is made of 6 layers to protect the water from inside and from the outside. Plasto easy clean tank comes with 10 years of guarantee.

Plasto Easy Clean Water Storage Tanks have changed the way people look at water tanks today. This innovation can help to cure various health related issues because of it’s easy to clean and easy to view features. This constant innovation has always led to the betterment of the people and because of this vision to deliver value; the industry prospers and heads towards growth. These innovations drive convenience, on the back of which India will be transformed.

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