What is a Ghamela?

Plastic ghamela, also known as Tasla, is a type of bucket or container widely used in India and other South Asian countries for carrying and storing various items. It is typically made of plastic material and is shallow bowl-shaped with a wide mouth opening. It is generally used in households and commercial settings for various purposes such as cleaning, washing clothes, storing and transporting goods, mixing ingredients, and many more.

Although plastic ghamela are durable, they can become brittle and crack over time, especially when exposed to sunlight or extreme temperatures. This can make them less reliable for carrying heavy items or holding hot liquids.


About Plasto Unbreakable Ghamela

Plasto Ghamela is a highly durable and unbreakable container that is widely used for various purposes. It is made of high-quality plastic material that is designed to withstand heavy loads and rough usage. The material used in its construction is of superior quality, making it highly resistant to wear and tear. This ensures that the container can be used for the long term without getting damaged easily as it comes with 2 years guarantee.

Plasto Unbreakable Ghamela-Best Plastic Ghamela

Plasto Unbreakable Ghamela is also designed with several features that enhance its durability. The container has a well-built bottom that can withstand a lot of weight, making it ideal for carrying heavy loads. Its walls are also thick and strong, which prevents them from cracking or breaking even when exposed to rough conditions. Additionally, the plastic used in its construction is UV-stabilized, making it resistant to the damaging effects of sunlight and other environmental factors.


One of the most remarkable features of Plasto Ghamela is its unbreakable nature. This container is virtually shatterproof and can withstand a lot of abuse without breaking or cracking. This makes it ideal for use in various industries, including agriculture, construction, and manufacturing. Even if accidentally dropped, the Plasto Ghamela will not shatter or break, making it a safe and reliable option.



  •  2 years guarantee 
  • Unbreakable
  • UV protected
  • Multipurpose use
  • Strong
  • Durable


In households, plasto ghamela can be used for cleaning purposes such as mopping floors, washing dishes, and scrubbing bathrooms. They are also used for washing clothes by hand, especially in rural areas where washing machines are not readily available.


In commercial settings, plasto ghamela can be widely used in the food industry for mixing ingredients, storing food items.They are also used in construction and manufacturing industries for mixing concrete and other building materials. Moreover, they are used in healthcare facilities for cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment and instruments and they are also used by farmers for carrying and transporting various agricultural products such as grains, fruits, vegetables, and animal feed.


Plasto unbreakable plastic ghamela has several advantages over traditional metal or ceramic ghamela. Here are some of the main advantages:

    1. Durability: Plasto unbreakable plastic ghamela are made from high-quality plastic that is durable and long-lasting. They are resistant to impact and do not dent or break easily, making them ideal for rugged use.

    2. Lightweight: They are much lighter than metal or ceramic ghamela, making them easy to carry. This is especially useful when carrying water or other heavy items.

    3. Easy to clean: Plasto unbreakable ghamela are easy to clean and maintain. They can be easily washed with soap and water, and they do not require any special cleaning or maintenance.

    4. Hygienic: They are impermeable, which means that they do not absorb bacteria or other contaminants. This makes them more hygienic than metal or ceramic ghamela, which can harbor harmful bacteria if not cleaned properly.

    5. Affordable: Plasto unbreakable plastic ghamela are generally more affordable than metal or ceramic ghamela, making them a cost-effective option for households and businesses.

    6. Unbreakable: Unlike traditional ghamela, which are prone to breakage and damage, Plasto Ghamelas are unbreakable. It can hold off rough handling and can be used for multiple purposes without the fear of damage.

    7. Size: They are available in different sizes to meet various needs.

    8. Colors Available: It comes in three colours – Yellow, Blue and Orange.

    9. Guarantee: We provide 2 years guarantee on Plasto Unbreakable Ghamela.


Plasto Ghamela is a highly durable and unbreakable container that is designed to withstand heavy loads and rough handling. It’s superior quality material and sturdy construction make it the best choice for various industries and purposes. Its unbreakable nature also ensures that it can be used for a long time without getting damaged easily, making it a cost-effective option for anyone in need of a reliable and long-lived container.