Best Plumbing Tips

Best Plumbing Tips – Every Plumber And Home Owner Should Know

Best Plumbing Tips - Every Plumber And Home Owner Should Know


Owning a home is similar to being in a relationship with your house; you ensure that you deal with all of the problems that arise and address them before things spiral out of control. Problems with your plumbing system will eventually come up as all the materials go through wear and tear. It becomes crucial to not let your home turn into a waterlogged one.


Calling a plumber should only be used as a last resort. With that in mind, it is critical to keep track of all your plumbing activities, from plumbing pipes to bath fittings, in order to keep your house optimal and free of water logging.

Let us see the basics that every homeowner should know and be aware of.


  • Recognizing Your Main Water Valve-

This is a no brainer. Your main valve controls all the inflow of water in your house. If you have recently moved in, try to find your main valve which might be situated inside or outside your house. This information will save you a lot of trouble in the near future, preventing your house from over flooding. Monitoring your main water valve should be a priority as any mishap that happens can be averted by closing it off.


Leaking pipes are a huge setback that must be addressed immediately. If your leaking pipes are not repaired, you may experience a flood before you recognise it, and the best way to deal with it is to turn off the main valve!


  • Cleaning Out Your Shower Drain-

If you have been frequently showering or not, it goes without saying the flow of water might come down. This happens due to the residue or clogging in the drain. It might be tedious but it is necessary to unclog it. A refreshing shower is something that we all crave, so why not be consistent with cleaning it?


Having vinegar comes in handy when you are unclogging your shower head and cleaning your bath fittings. Submerging your shower head in vinegar will help in unclogging and is a quick fix.


  • Fix The Leaks Before It’s Too Late –

It is better to be proactive when it comes to leaky pipes as they can create chaos in future. Taking actions beforehand will save you a lot of trouble in the near future. This would not only help you cut on your budget but also limit the process of deterioration of the quality of material used.


It’s preferable to call a plumber before things get out of control. This will assist you in preserving your home while also preventing you from wasting a lot of money. It is preferable to use ppr pipes that have a greater quality and better resistance to wear and tear.


  • Dumping Food Into Your Drains –

It becomes essential to not treat your sink as a garbage disposal system. Keep in mind that a sink is made of plastic water pipe that can leave a residue and create clogging and obstruction under the sink. Pouring grease, oil or anything solid is big no when it comes to plumbing effectively. The disposal system is completely destroyed, which in turn would lead to leaky pipes


Ensure to clean your sink and put a filter on so that food is cleaned out in the beginning stages. Using a sink plunger can help.


  • Ignoring Water Heater-

Last but not the least, shut off your water heater in a plumbing emergency. Your bath fittings need to be properly managed. This will avoid the energy build up and your heater won’t be damaged in the process. If the heater is ignored, it might lead to a major mishap and it would burst.


It is crucial to be aware of your water heater and shut it down when necessary. If you happen to have a gas heater, ensure you shut down the gas supply.

Conclusion- Basic knowledge about plumbing will not only benefit you financially but also enhance the sustainability of your house. Using quality PVC plumbing is essential when it comes to reducing the leaks but at the end of the day, make sure you know when to call a professional if it gets overwhelming!

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