Plasto Loft Tanks – A smarter solution for your water storage needs

Plasto 3 Layer Blow Moulded Loft Water Tank is a breakthrough solution designed to revolutionize your water storage experience. It is a type of water storage tank typically installed in the attic or loft space of a building. Plasto Loft water tanks are commonly used in residential and small-scale commercial buildings to store and supply water for various purposes. The robust build of our loft water tank ensures resistance to impact, corrosion, and external elements, guaranteeing a long lifespan and minimal maintenance. They serve as an integral part of gravity-fed water systems, which rely on the natural force of gravity to distribute water to the building’s outlets. The Plasto Loft water Tank is engineered using cutting-edge 3-layer blow moulding technology. This unique construction ensures unparalleled durability, UV resistance, and longevity, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Advantages of Using Plasto Loft Tanks

Space Constraints: Plasto loft water tanks are ideal for buildings with limited available space. Their installation in the attic or loft space allows for the efficient use of otherwise unused or unutilized areas. In properties where there is no basement or dedicated utility room, loft water tanks provide a practical solution for water storage.

Gravity-Feed System: The Plasto loft water tanks are often used in conjunction with gravity-feed water systems. This design simplifies water distribution, as the water stored in the loft water tank can be naturally and passively fed to the building’s outlets. This eliminates the need for additional pumps or equipment to boost water pressure.

Ease of Installation: The Plasto loft water tanks are relatively easy to install and maintain, particularly when compared to more complex systems, such as underground or pressurized tanks. Their accessibility in the attic simplifies installation and servicing.

Improved Water Quality: The elevation of Plasto loft water tanks allows suspended particles to settle before water is distributed throughout the house. This can help improve water quality by reducing the amount of sediment and impurities entering the plumbing system. Moreover, the Plasto loft water tanks are built using virgin food-grade materials, thus providing them with extra safety.

Insulation: Plasto loft water tanks are insulated to prevent water from freezing during cold weather. This feature ensures that the water remains available and unobstructed even in freezing temperatures.

Cost-Efficiency: The Plasto loft water tanks are a cost-effective solution for residential and small-scale water storage needs. They are typically less expensive to purchase and install compared to larger, more complex tank systems.

Versatility: Blow-molded loft water tanks are versatile and can be used for various applications, including storing potable water, rainwater harvesting, agricultural and irrigation needs, and industrial applications.

Plasto loft water tanks come in various sizes to accommodate different water storage needs. All of the above-listed reasons prove that the Plasto loft water tank is the perfect choice for your water storage needs.