JET Pressure Tank & High Pressure Tank

JET Pressure Tank

High Pressure Tank


JET Pressure Tank & High Pressure Tank

Are you seeking a premium solution for water storage and pressure enhancement in homes, public toilets, or confined areas with limited space? Get ready to explore the forefront of water storage innovation with Plasto’s groundbreaking 1000L 6-layer high-pressure tank and JET Pressure Tank – designed to revolutionize the way you manage water in spaces where every inch counts. Plasto offers the ultimate answer with its innovative tanks. How can we assist you further in optimizing your water management needs?

Key Features:

1. Space Optimization:

  • Designed with precision, our JET Pressure Tank is a compact solution that fits seamlessly into tight spaces.
  • Ideal for urban homes, commercial establishments, and areas where space is a premium.

2. High-Pressure Performance:

  • Experience unparalleled water pressure with our advanced 6-layer high-pressure tank.
  • Ensure a consistent and powerful flow, meeting the demands of modern water-based appliances and fixtures.

3. Robust Construction:

  • Crafted with durability in mind, our pressure tank is built to withstand the test of time.
  • The 6-layer construction ensures strength, resilience, and protection against environmental factors.

4. Versatile Applications:

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, from Residential, Industrial to Public spaces.
  • Enhanced water pressure in showers, faucets, and appliances, providing a superior water experience.

Product Dimensions JET Pressure Tank

Capacity (L) Diameter (MM) Height (MM)
1000 L 874 1,806

Product Dimensions High Pressure Tank

Capacity (L) Diameter (MM) Height (MM)
1000 L 975 1,505