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Water Storage Tanks

Water Storage Tanks

R C Plasto Tanks & Pipes Pvt. Ltd. is India’s pioneer in water storage tank manufacturing. With more than 40 years of trust, Plasto is a brand known for its high-quality overhead water tanks. We have high-tech technologies to ensure our customers get a water tank that lives to their expectations and trust. With more than 5,000 dealers across the nation and growing, Plasto continues to serve in 25+ states making us the best water tank brand. We are known for providing water tanks that are durable, water stored remains safe for drinking, comes in various layers and most importantly, we give 10 year of assured guarantee on all of our water storage tanks.


Plasto Water Tanks

Plasto provides a wide range of overhead water tanks, underground tanks, horizontal water tanks and loft tanks of various layers and sizes. Every tank comes with a 10 years guarantee and the tanks are made from high quality food grade plastic keeping the water safe for drinking. Plasto water tanks are UV stabilized that protects the tank from harmful UV rays and doesn’t allow the sunlight to enter the tank. With this the water remains cool and algae free.

An overhead water tank is a type of water storage tank that is placed on top of the roofs on slabs or on the terrace. These overhead water tanks are typically used in commercial and residential buildings to store water and supply it throughout the building. Plasto overhead water tanks are of two types:


A) Plasto Vertical Water Tanks:

The name defines the shape of these water tanks. Plasto vertical water tanks are generally placed at top of the terrace. The height of vertical water tanks can go up to 5ft. Plasto is India’s largest vertical water tanks manufacturing company that provides water tanks of various sizes. Starting from 100L, the tank size increases up to 10,000L. Plasto introduced plastic water tanks in India that are made from high quality food grade material. Which means the water inside the tank remains safe for drinking. Plasto vertical water tanks are available in different layers that go up to 6 layers. With the top class vertical water storage tanks, Plasto has continued to bring innovation in the industry and has always provided the best in quality water tanks that are durable and best for the family that places Plasto at the top among the best water tanks companies.

B) Horizontal Water Tanks.

Plasto is India’s first water tank manufacturing company to introduce horizontal water tank which goes by the name “Easy Clean Tank”. A water tank which has a height of 2.3ft. This low height of the tank makes it easy for the people to clean the tank with ease. Plasto's easy clean tank is UV stabilized and made up of 6 layers making the water tank extra durable. Plasto uses high quality food grade plastic to manufacture this water tank. Plasto easy clean water tank comes in three sizes and India’s first horizontal water storage tank.

Underground water tanks are the tanks buried inside the ground. Plasto underground water tanks have a water tight design because of which the tank doesn’t crack. Plasto underground water tanks are prepared from the rotomoulding process and come in various sizes. Plasto underground water tanks are less susceptible to damage from weather and other external factors. We make sure that the tanks are well inspected before sending it to our customers so that they receive a water tank that stands on all expectations and trust of the people making the company as the best water tank company in India.

Plasto loft tanks are the attic tanks that can easily fit inside an attic or a loft space of a building. Plasto loft tanks are manufactured from both roto molding and blow molding process. Plasto loft tank can be used in irrigation, domestic use & for fire suppression. The best feature of a plasto loft tank is it doesn’t take much space on the ground.

How are water tanks made?

Plasto water tank manufacturing process depends on various factors and varies on the type and size of the tank being produced. The process includes Raw material preparation, molding, finishing, quality control, packaging & shipping. Plasto water tank manufacturing includes two major processes. A) Roto-molding process B) Blow-molding process.

Roto-molding process also known as rotational molding process of manufacturing hollow water tanks. The process starts with adding powdered resins in a hollow mold, shaped like a tank. Future, the mold is heated and rotated on multiple axes to all the material to take the shape of the mold. The mold is distributed equally because of which a thick layer of the material forms inside the tank. Then the mold is kept aside to cool down. Once the material solidifies, the tank is removed from the mold. Further the water tank is finished and inspected by the quality engineer and sent further for screening, packaging and shipping. With the help of roto molding process tanks with complex shapes can be produced and of larger sizes where the tanks are used for industrial use or in waste water management. The process is relatively easy and efficient which allows a smooth manufacturing of water tanks.

Plasto water storage tanks made from roto-molding process are as follows:

1) 2 & 3 Layer Non-ISI water tank
2) 3 Layer underground tank
3) 2 Layer ISI tank
4) 4 Layer foam tank
5) Bio-Septic tank
6) Loft tank

Blow-molding process is another tank manufacturing process of making hollow plastic water tanks. In this process a tube of melted plastic, called a parison is placed in a mold and inflated by blowing the air inside the tube. Because of high air pressure, the melted material takes the shape of the mold. When the process completes the cycle time, the material is kept aside to cool down and solidify. Then the tank is taken out from the mold and processed for finishing. Once the finishing completes, the water tank is inspected by the quality engineer and then sent for screening, packaging and shipping.

Plasto water storage tanks made from blow-molding process are as follows:


1) 6 Layer vertical water tank

2) 6 Layer easy-clean water tank

3) 3 Layer ruf-tuf water tank

4) 2 Layer water tank

5) Loft tank